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Prelude Filter Cartridges

Pall Water's Prelude™ pretreatment solutions are trusted to protect your membranes, your systems, and your investments. Cartridges are available in a wide range materials and can handle any flow rate.

Trusted, Efficient RO Protection

Discover our Range of Filter Cartridges

Discover our range of filter cartridges, designed to meet your filtration needs and critical water treatment parameters.


Pall Water Prelude™ pretreatment solutions are trusted to protect your membranes, your systems, and your investments.


Our filter cartridges are essential for any RO system to function at optimal performance, and are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and configurations to handle any flow rate and removal efficiencies.


Our Filter Cartridge Solutions Include:

  • Claris® Series Filter Cartridges
  • DFT Classic Series Filter Cartridges
  • Marksman PFT Series Filter Elements
  • Nexis® High Flow Series Filter Elements 
  • Profile® Coreless Filter Elements
  • Ultipleat® High Flow Series Filter Cartridges
  • Vector™ High Flow Series Filter Cartridges 
  • And More...


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Products Certified for Drinking Water Applications

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Contact us for a quote and lead times today.
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Proven & Certified

A number of our trusted pretreatment solutions are NSF / ANSI 61 & ACS certified for compliance in Drinking Water applications. Click to learn more.

Explore Our Popular Filter Cartridges

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Click to see product details or request a quote above.
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Claris® Series Filter Cartridges

High Consistency Polypropylene Melt Blown Cartridge

  • Graded Pore Structure Enhances Dirt Holding Capacity
  • E-core – an Extruded Fibrous Core – Provides Excellent Strength
  • Unique Proprietary Process
  • Easy and Safe Cartridge Incineration and Disposal
  • All Polypropylene Construction
  • Free of Surfactants, Binders, and Adhesives
  • Plastic and Metal Spring Assembly End Configurations Available

Nexis® A Filter Cartridges

High-Performance Melt Blown Depth Filters

  • Used for Clarification and Particle Removal
  • Constructed Using Advanced CoLD Melt™ Production Process
  • Multiple Filtration Zones Within a Single Filter Cartridge
  • Unique Design and Pore Structure Effectively Capture Larger Particles While Providing Efficient / Consistent Removal of Smaller Particles
  • Rigid Filter Matrix Withstands Dynamic Operating Conditions
  • High-Performance Cartridge; Robust During Operation, Long Service Life, Excellent Removal Efficiency

Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Elements

Particle Removal at Elevated Flow Rates

  • Cost-Effective, Long Service Life, Efficient Particle Filtration for High Flow Rates
  • Consistent Filtrate Quality, Stable Structure, Higher Product Yields, Process Reliability
  • Utilizes Profile® UP Pleated Media – Laid-Over Pleat Geometry – in a Large Diameter Cartridge Format with Core-Free Construction
  • Fixed Fiber Matrix with No Adhesives or Surfactants
  • Inside to Outside Flow Configuration Protects Filtrate from Recontamination by Trapping Particulates Inside the Cartridge

Pall® Coreless Filter Elements

Coreless Filter Elements for High Flow Rate Applications

  • Large Diameter Cartridge Utilizing Low Differential Pressure Media
  • Separate-Stainless Steel Core Retained in the Filter Housing
  • Proven Depth Filter Technology / Continuous Graded Pore Structure
  • Polypropylene, Nylon, or Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) Filter Media
  • Reliable, Consistent, and Verifiable Filtration Performance
  • Fully Disposable Design for Less Waste Materials, Lower Cost of Disposal – More Environmentally Friendly
  • High Liquid Flow Rate Capability, Ease of Fitment, Low Operating Costs, Increased Cost Efficiency

Case Study: Extending RO Membrane Efficiency


"Claris® Filters Extend Reverse Osmosis Membrane Efficiency"


Pall Water's Claris® Filter Cartridges are shown to extend the efficiency of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and reduce subsequent fouling when compared to traditional string wound filters. Switching to Claris can enable facilities to increase in filter performance, without an increasing filter costs.